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Translated by my dear friend Dolphin.

Getting There

 Sunset, Est

Travelers reaching Cuneo by train can continue to Entracque by Nuova Benese inter-village bus (ph. 0171 69 29 29), and one is left to one's own resources for negociating the further eight kilometers from Entracque to San Giacomo (sometimes in August a shuttle bus service is running; call to knoww 0039 0171 97397).

A traveler reaching Cuneo with his/her own vehicle can proceed to Borgo San Dalmazzo. At the Borgo exit, you drive into Gesso Valley as far as the village of Valdieri. The road continues on to Entracque, but before getting there, you turn right, following the road to San Giacomo.

At 1225 meters (4020 feet) the buildings of San Giacomo di Entracque overlook a square. Here, Baita Monte Gelàs offers catering services (Gerbino family, ph. 0171 97 87 04). Vehicles can be left in the car parking area, 1210 meters (3970 feet). If needed there is the possibility to camp in a camp graund named “Sotto il Faggio”. In summer Baita Monte Gelàs operates the San Giacomo Guest House which offers 25 beds in rooms ranging from 2 to 6 beds (ph. 0171 97 87 04).



An asphalted roadway reserved for foot traffic starts at San Giacomo and climbs to king's former Case di Caccia, 1250 m (4100 ft, 10 min.).

Beyond the villas, the asphalt ends and the roadway continues on to climb through the Vallone di Mont Colomb. Following wide U-shaped bends you reach Gias dell'Aiera, 1345 m (4415 ft, 25 min.), where you cross a stream that is fed by the waters of many little valleys.

Animals you can meet close to the lodge

Hiking up the sharply winding road – or taking a couple of possible short cuts – you cross the ridge, reach the timber line in about 35 minutes at 1405 meters (4610 feet) and pass a herdman’s hut high above you on your left. Beyond a little stream, you go down to the flat green meadow of Prà del Rasour, 1395 m (4575 ft, 40 min.).

Crossing the flat meadowlands, you reach Gias Sottano del Vei del Bouc, 1435 m (4710 ft, 1 hour), with its pole that marks the way, and you ignore the track on your left that goes up to Lago del Vei del Bouc. Here the roadway narrows into a trail.

The wide trail that continues on your right is named M13 and you follow it to cross the Gesso stream on a little wooden bridge, moving up on the western side of the stream. Passing Gias Colomb, 1445 m (4740 ft), you resume a gradual climb to the trail marker at 1500 m (4920 ft, 1 hour and 25 min.), where you leave on your right the path that goes up to Bivacco Moncalieri (an untended cabin). Then you proceed to Rio Pantacreus, 1530 m (5020 ft, 1 hour and 30 min.), which you cross on stepping stones. You continue through pastureland among large boulders, climbing steadily up from the Gesso torrent, until you leave it once and for all, by the trail marker at 1555 m (5100 ft, 1 hour and 35 min.): Gias del Peirabroc.

Here you bend sharply to the right, leaving on your left a trail that goes up to the end of the valley. Farther up, the hairpin bends get tighter and the trail runs along the stone wall that climb over a rocky ridge at an altitude of 1770 m (5810 ft). The mule track enters a little wood and brings you to a little spring-fed stream, Rio del Gias Sottano del Muraion, 1820 m (5970 ft, 2 hours and 15 min.). Climbing the slope of shrubs, you cross another stream, often dried up, Rio della Cascata Azzurra, 1925 m (6315 ft, 2 hours and 30 min.). Now you head upwards for the unmistakable large stone retaining wall which the trail runs along: this is Passo Sottano del Muraion, 2030 m (6660 ft, 2 hours and 50 min.).

Beyond the pass the valley widens up, 2050 m (6725 ft). You cross a running stream, Fontana dell'Asino, 2070 m (6790 ft, 3 hours), and soon you reach the remains of Gias Soprano del Muraion, 2105 m (6900 ft, 3 hours and 10 min.), known also as Gias dell'Asino.

The trail crosses another running stream, Rio Pagarì, 2175 m (7135 ft, 3 hours and 15 min.). And yet another, the last, water branch at height 2235 m (7330 ft, 3 hours and 30 min.), by the last of the alder-trees, and you approach the moraine of Ghiacciaio di Peirabroc, where you come at a side trail at an elevation of 2300 m (7550 ft, 3 hours and 40 min.).

Ignoring the left-hand path which leads to Lago Bianco dell’Agnel or to Colle dell’Agnel, you take the sharp turn to the right and proceed along switchbacks which are quite wide at first, then grow tighter and steeper. The trail ends by a big mound of well-stacked stones supporting an imposing pole. A few dozens meters further on, you come upon the Marchesini-Federici Mountain Lodge, 2650 m (8700 ft, 4 hours and 45 min), facing northeast on a little rocky promontory, under the towering northeast face of Cima della Maledia.


Other ways of Getting There (abbreviated accounts):

  1. From the parking lot at St. Grat to the north of Belvédère - not far from St. Martin-Vésubie (along Val Gordolasque, across Nice Trekking Lodge and Passo di Pagarì) 5:30 (E diff.)

  2. From the parking lot above Castérino - not far from St. Dalmas de Tende (along Vallon de Valmasque, across Colle dell’Agnel) 5:10 (EE diff.)

  3. From Madone de Fenestre (across Pas du Mont Colomb, Nice Trekking Lodge) 5:30 (E diff.)

  4. From Baisse de Peyrefique (across Passo del Sabbione and Colle dell’Agnel) 7:10 (EE diff.)


Downward routes to San Giacomo in place of the main trail: 

  1. Pagarì - Lago Bianco dell’Agnel - downward along Comba di Peirabroc - S. Giacomo 4:10 (PD diff.)

  2. Pagarì – Lago Bianco del Gelàs - downward along Vallone di Pantacreus - S. Giacomo 5:00 (E diff.)

  3. Pagarì - untended Moncalieri Cabin - Soria-Ellena Trekking Lodge - S. Giacomo 6:00 (EE diff.)

  4. Pagarì - Colle dell’Agnel – Passo del Sabbione – Passo del Vei del Bouc - S. Giacomo 8:45 (EE diff.)


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