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Rifugio Soria via Passaggio dei Ghiacciai


From Rifugio Pagarý climb down and after two minutes from the flag pole turn left and follow the path signalled by the signpost, in direction of the Lago Bianco de GelÓs and of the Bivacco Moncalieri. Follow the small path and climb down for 40 minutes, up to an visible landslip of the length of roughly 15 metres easily crossable ( this is the only spot where there is full mobile phone signal ).


Keep following the red signs on the little path, now GOING UP for roughly 10 minutes. Leave the path and start to dramatically climb up, off the path, following only the the red signs among grass and debris, this for roughly 30 minutes. Move towards a little waterfall

until you find a first pond



and then a second one where the ruins of the old Rifugio Moncalieri lie.




From here you can either follow for the Rifugio Soria or climb down to the village of San Giacomo. To San Giacomo follow the red paint signs going down, following dry creeks down to a path that leads to San Giacomo in roughly 2 h 30m (be aware that this route is very steep and despite not being dangerous it could be challenging for those with weak knees ). To return to Rifugio Pagarý from here takes 5 hours.

For the Rifugio Soria: from the second lake follow the red paint signs on the rocks and keep going up for 30 minutes until you reach Bivacco Moncalieri.



This is located below a crest. Once reaching this crest follow it climbing up for roughly 200 metres in height ( Be aware that the path on the crest is 2 metres wide and very exposed: certainly not recommended to those very afraid of heights ). Climbing skills are not necessary but you might need to help yourself with your hands. AVOID in case of rain, snow and fog. Once you find a steel cable with some wee flags hanging, leave the crest.



Walk away the crest for 600 metres staying at the same height. READ CAREFULLY: the Rifugio Soria Ellena is not in the first dip but in the second one. The first side way of 600 metres is fairly steep and at the beginning of the season CRAMPONS ARE ESSENTIAL if willing to cross it. Be aware that at the end of the season two rock slabs emerge and this should be avoided by non-expert alpinists, especially if accompanied by children.

Photos crossing half season


Photos crossing end season


Once you get to a visible moraine of thin debris, in between the two dips, keep going in the same direction you come from and cross it downhill for 10 minutes, until you reach the path that leads to the Rifugio Soria Ellena. This itinerary takes roughly 5 hour from the Rifugio Pagarý, plus 1h 30m from the Rifugio Soria Ellena to San Giacomo.

For more details check Soria Ellena official web site: http://www.rifugiosoriaellena.com

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