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From the hut climb down a few metres and straight after the flag pole take the right, at the sign, following the numerous red signs up to the Pass of Pagarý. From here the path descends for ten minutes before it dramatically bears left. Then the path proceeds  down in the centre of the valley, encounters the twin lakes of Clapier and finally leads to the Refuge de Nice. After the path bears left (descending, after 10 minutes from the Pass of Pagarý) instead of climbing down climb up through an unstable, small earthy canal, in order to get to the Pass of Lac Long (which is the first well defined cut on the left crest from the Pass of Pagarý, otherwise very sharp). The Pass is located at the height of 2780 metres. From here follow the tall kerns remaining on the paving stones, where you can easily walk.(Please be aware you should follow NEITHER  the ones that lead to the crest of the Maledia NOR those that descends towards the lake Lac Long where there are no passages).



After about 15 minutes following the paving stones you get to a tall kern at an altitude of 2780 metres.

From here the crests amphitheater surrounding the Lac Long opens up. Proceed on landslips for about 20 minutes (Be aware these can be tricky, being very unstable and slippery). At the end crest amphitheatre, right under the the small peak with a cross, at roughly 2780 metres, start climbing up the narrow French canal that leads to the Pass of Maledia.



This basically coincides with the end of the small canal of Maledia which approximately start from the Pagarý hut. Now, among the terminal canals take the one on the left, almost on the crest towards the Pagarý hut, reminding to be very careful since it is really rubbly. Coming out from this CAREFULLY proceed towards the peak, being aware that in the last part the debris gets very unstable and the stones rolling down could injure your mates or those climbing up in the last part of the canal.


HomeHiking Routs