Dear guests, also in light of the regional decree of 29 June 2020 dedicated exclusively to alpine huts, as long as the SARS Covid 2 emergency remains in Italy, for the 2020 season I intend to open the Pagarý refuge by providing normal refreshment and overnight services, with the same attention to food and environmental impact, but I obviously ask to respect the Italian safety rules when inside the refuge.

Every morning the refuge will be unusable, approximately from 8 to 10 am, to allow for ordinary sanitation to counteract the infection, which occurs through ozone and alcohol or peroxide-based products.

For those who intend to stay or take advantage of the half-board service, then I request to accept (before booking) the simple conditions listed here.

*) We guarantee the overnight stay only to those who have booked, remembering that for the 2020 summer season, booking for overnight stays is mandatory by decree.

*) a deposit of 15 euros per person may be requested.

*) at the time of booking, if you are organizing for more than one person, you are asked to specify whether the participants in the tour wish to keep the distance between them, even during dinner, or not.

*) the public telephone will not be usable except for rescue reasons.

*) the bedrooms will be accessible from 15:30, as per the regional decree of 29 June 2020, to allow for prolonged ventilation.

*) upon arrival already have a sheet to be delivered to the reception with the name and telephone number of each participant written on it (thus greatly facilitating check-in).

you must have your own safety device (mask) to be used in the hut only when it is not possible to keep the distance;

categorical obligation to have own cotton sleeping bag (the hut's blankets are available to guests) or  mountain sleeping bag for those who prefer it;

obligation to have own refuge slippers (those of the refuge cannot be used because they are difficult to sanitize on my part in an eco-compatible way);

obligation to leave the boots outside the rooms in a special closet; for this purpose it is also required to bring an intact bag (example of the garbage) where you can insulate your boots before putting them in the closet.

you will find yourself sleeping in rooms where other guests may be present, and for this you must pay due attention;

at dinner and breakfast, to keep the distance to the tables in the dining room, depending on the number of guests booked, there will sometimes be the need to make two shifts (7 pm, and 8 pm for dinners, between 6 am and 7:30 am for breakfast).

at 8 am the refuge must be completely free in order to be sanitized;

 for those staying overnight, a heavy jacket is recommended for the evening, to facilitate any external passages between one room and another of the refuge